We are proud to welcome a new product to our ever growing family of products at Economy.

Caleffi is a manufacturer of innovative products for heating, cooling, plumbing and process works applications. Their expertise is the control of temperature, pressure and flow of water-based fluids. With products ranging from control valves, balancing devices and flow switches to zone relays and heat meters, they have a product to solve many problems.

We are fully stocked with your most common Caleffi components!

Here is a sample of some of the models we have on the shelf today.

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Caleffi Combo AutoFIll

573 Series

AutoFill™ Combo (with backflow preventer and pressure gauge)

Pre-adjustable automatic boiler fill valve with backflow preventer and pressure gauge with a brass body.

Caleffi Dirtmag Pro

5463 Series

DIRTMAG® PRO - Dirt Separator with Dual Magnets (brass)

The DIRTMAG PRO dirt separator with dual magnet fields extends the Caleffi dirt separator family by adding a powerful neodymium magnetic pull rod inside a drywell inserted into the top of the body within the flow stream. Additional magnetic flux increases the speed of magnetite (ferrous impurities) removal from the hydronic fluid for maximum protection.

Product Features

Caleffi PressCal

535 Series

PresCal™ Pressure Reducing Valve (low lead, pre-adjustable)


MINICAL® Automatic Air Vent w/Brass Body


SEP4™ 4-in-1 Magnetic Hydraulic Separators (union, 1-2")

The Caleffi SEP4 combination air, hydraulic, dirt and magnetic separator is a device that, incorporates high performance air and magnetic and non-magnetic dirt removal functionality into the hydraulic separation function which makes the primary and secondary circuits connected to it hydraulically independent, and can be used on hot or chilled water systems. The SEP4 features an HDPE internal element that combines to continuously and automatically eliminate air micro-bubbles with the simultaneous removal of dirt particles as tiny as 5 microns. The air discharge capacity is very high, with the capability of automatically removing all the air present in the system down to the micro-bubble level. The 4 in 1 high performance functionality of the SEP4 saves system installation and maintenance costs as there is no need to include separate air and dirt separators. In addition to removing sand and rust impurities, the added magnetic ring provides effective capture of ferrous particles. 


Z-one™ 2-way (press) Zone Valves